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Our system gives users a great advantage to control and follow up warehouse situation, allowing stock movement tracking and operating cost calculation to become more efficient.


an advertisement and self-service system that can be connected with MAS-Account, MAS-POS, eManager F&B, etc. Help the company to manage its business all-round.


Calculate the data of driver, customer, monthly statement accurately, help you saving time, reducing workforce and reducing cost, create the best economical for the company.

Food Wholesale

Designed for food wholesalers, can be connected with MAS-Account, coordinates the process of purchasing, sales and inventory in a faster way.


We also provide different hardware object to match the client needs, connect with MasterSoft software can improve working efficiency and increase productivity.


Comprehensive system that fits the needs of property management agency and owners’ corporation with simple and quick operation.


Involves all works with the payment of employees and the filing of employment taxes, has a security setting for the management to set up each user's rights, protecting sensitive data of the company.


 Systems are to simplify the complicated process of daily operations, reduce operating costs, enhance productivity and avoid unnecessary mistakes by its one-stop service.


Designed in small and medium restaurants in the catering industry. Regardless of front house waiters or management, they can grasp the store situation all the time.


Designed for caring homes. The system will divide E-Home Medical Management System (EHMed) and E-Home Petty Cash Management System (EHCash).


Including Door lock and attendance management, Users can use password, smartcard to check-in, record the date, time and status.


Connects users anywhere, anytime with back end systems designed by MasterSoft like MAS-Account, MAS-POS, Inventory, Logistics, and Attendance, etc 


Fulfill the need for jewelry wholesalers, traders and manufacturers since they can handle worldwide information thought the internet.

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