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MasterSoft (H.K.) Limited provides enterprise solutions for all kinds of businesses for 20 years. Our first product line includes MAS-Account and MAS-POS. Our second product line, eManager, provides all sorts of business solutions like Inventory, Billing, Payroll, Logistics, Trading, Food Wholesale, Caring Homes, Mobile Apps, Self-serve Kiosk and customized software systems, etc. We also supply hardware like POS terminal, cash drawer, barcode or QR Code scanner and printer, thermal receipt printer, handheld computer, attendance terminal, kiosk, etc. As of today, we are serving over 3,000 companies in Hong Kong and Overseas.

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We are committed to the mission of providing high-quality products and services. Our consultants provide professional consultation to assist our customers to find the most suitable software systems and hardware packages for their companies. Our technical team provides free installation. Add-valued services like online training videos and training sessions at our office are available all year round.


We strongly believe the best products and services still need continuous reviews, improvements, and updates. That is why our team works hard in developing new products, new features, new improvements to our customers for them to stay on top of their business.

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