1. What are the login ID and passwords for the new users?

User ID: SA
Password: [Blank]

2. How to set up chart of account?

MAS-Account system has different charts of account for over 100 types of business. User can create charts of account at Account Easy Setup Assistant in System Parameter Setting under System Setting

3. How to edit the content in charts of account?

The content of charts of account can be added, edited and deleted in Chart of Account under Master.

4. Why can't some charts of accounts be deleted?

If the charts of accounts have already been used in the invoice, voucher or any other documents, system will not allow them to be deleted.

5. How to update the revised chart of account onto reports?

Revise each report by clicking each report at Rebuild Presentation Form at under System Setting

6. Can the data be edited after being transferred to accounts?

MAS-Account is very user friendly and flexible. All datas are automatically reflected in accounts. When user edits a specific voucher or document, system will automatically reflect the new data in related financial reports at the same time. If there is supervisory password, it needs to be entered before editing any data.

7. How to exit an interface?

Click the Exit button or press CTRL+E

8. How to logout the MAS-Account system?

Click the Exit button on toolbar in main page or press ALT+E

9. How to lock certain documents for a certain period of time?

Generally speaking, at month-end or the end of a fiscal year, users can choose the documents needed to be locked within a period of time in Period Lock under System Utility. Only those users who have a supervisory password can unlock and edit the data.

10. How to reset each individual password?

If a user wants to change the password, one can enter the original password in Change Password under System Utility and then type in a new password there.

11. How to change the current language setting?

For switching to a different language temporarily, users can choose traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese or English in Language Display under System Setting.

For switching to a different language permanently, the user can choose a different Default Language in System Parameter Setting under System Setting.

12. How to copy content of the system?

In Others, user can choose Cut or press CTRL +X, or Copy or press CNTRL+C, or Paste or press CTRL+V

13. What are [E], [P], [O]?

For each document like quotation or invoice, etc., there are 3 buttons as followed:

[E] Enquiries
-to check Stock On Hand for a specific product, Goods Receivable, Goods Payable and inventory distribution

[P] Price/Cost History
-to check the price and cost history of a specific product

-to enter more information of a specific product in Product Extra Description

14. Why do we need a supervisory password?

The default supervisory password is [blank]. When a user wants to check a product's cost, when there is a reminder of the highest and lowest price set for a product, when a customer's credit limit is exceeded or when there is a payment overdue, the supervisory password will be needed. 

15. What does Year End do?

By entering the fiscal year for Year-End, the balance of some accounts will automatically be carried over to a new financial year.

16. How to set up customer account code?

Enter a combination of numbers and/or alphabets up to 10 characters.

17. How to set up product account code?

Enter a combination of numbers and/or alphabets up to 40 characters. User can use barcode instead.